The Academy

The Academy of Sanremo, a good choice.

Qualification Legal value

With the reform passed by Law 508, the Academy of Fine Arts was included in the high education sector (AFAM) and aligned with European systems and standards.


The Stability Law 228/2012 in art. 1 paragraphs 102-107 establishes the equivalence between the Academic Diplomas of 1st and 2nd level issued by the AFAM institutions and the degree and master’s degrees issued by the Universities.

Diploma Supplement

It is a supplementary certificate of the official qualification obtained at the end of an academic course. It provides a complete description of the scholastic – educational curriculum provided by a student and information on the national higher education system according to a common model and therefore:

  • facilitates student mobility and access to further studies
  • facilitates the evaluation of qualifications by employers
  • simplifies both academic and professional recognition of Italian qualifications abroad
  • facilitates the free international movement of graduates

The Diploma Supplement is issued free of charge to all students graduated using the standard DS model developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

Italy-China Cooperation Project (TURANDOT)

The Academy of Fine Arts of Sanremo is open to the enrollment of foreign students and participates in the PROJECT TURANDOT, the first Italian program with China on the arts, music and design by providing places for young Chinese people who through the Diplomatic Representatives present enrollment request.

New headquarters in Sanremo – via Val del Ponte, 34 (formerly the Guadalupe convent)

Originally in Corso Imperatrice, in the Miramare park, today the headquarters are located in Via Val del Ponte 34, in the heart of the city, in the renovated spaces of the Guadalupe Convent, rich in history and charm, with the cloister, the natural setting in which it is inserted, and the picturesque panoramic view. In a few minutes walk you can reach the train and bus stations, Piazza Colombo and the famous bike path.


The Academy issues qualifications with legal value that allow the acquisition of valid training credits to continue the studies in Italian and foreign Academies and Universities. The acquired Diploma is recognized in all countries of the EU and is equivalent to the corresponding university degrees.

The Academy of Fine Arts of Sanremo issues qualifications with legal and equivalent value (law 508/99 – law 268/2002), which allow the acquisition of credits valid for continuing the second level studies at the Italian and European Academies and Universities, and to enroll to professional category orders.


180 credits that must be acquired to obtain the diploma, divided into the different sectors of the activities foreseen by the study plan of each course:

44 – 46 credits in Basic Training Activities
62 – 66 credits in Characterizing Educational Activities
48 – 50 credits in Integrative or Related Training Activities
4 credits for the European language (mandatory)
4 credits for non-specific General Informatics (compulsory)
6 credits for internships, stages, seminars and workshops
8 credits for the Writing Thesis

The student must therefore obtain about 60 credits a year, attending an appropriate number of disciplinary courses and supporting the related exams in the sessions scheduled in the academic year. The exam ascertains the preparation by assigning the credits of the discipline, as well as the grade obtained.
For further information, see the registration page.


Regolamento Didattico Generale



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