Interior Architecture and Design

The Three-Years Academic Diploma qualifies a new and interesting professional figure characterized by the synthesis of the formative, interpretative, technical aspects of the architect and of the artistic-creative and propositive aspects of the designer. Two cultures, two mentalities, two models of thought that are integrated and strengthened thanks to the path proposed by a study plan attentive to the balance and the interaction of the two components.

Professional outlets

The operational areas are both public: institutions, museums, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, and private: design studies, advertising and business communication, design. They concern the design of living and commercial interiors, as of the exterior that qualify urban furniture. In these areas the architect-designer applies his skills in the field of design and art: interior design and design, advertising, organization of space; technical: architectural design of interiors, and communication: design as a communication vehicle, completing the two realities of design and communication.

The classrooms of the course

Study Plan for Three-Years Academic Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design

The course includes basic training activities: interior design, technical and design drawing, type of materials, history of design and computer graphics, for a total of 46 credits.
The characterizing activities carried out in the three years will be divided into: Decoration, Elements of urban architecture, Design, Ecodesign, Landscape design, Graphic design, Techniques of digital modeling and 3D computer, and Photography, for a total of 62 credits.
The study plan also includes integrative (or similar) educational activities: Techniques and technologies of decoration, Modeling, Design of stands, Style, history of art and humanities, Methodologies of restoration, Phenomenology of contemporary arts, Cultural and environmental heritage , Management for art, for a total of 40 credits, to which are added 10 credits of the educational activities chosen by the student: Planning of urban and territorial interventions, Web design, Multimedia techniques of decoration, Drawing and survey of cultural heritage, Light design, Economics and art market.
During the three-year course of Architecture the student will be able to take part in courses of Fundamentals of Computer Science, English Language, seminars, workshops and training internships.

The training credits provided are 180 for a total of 29 exams. For more details on individual subjects download study plan.
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List of subjects and teachers of Interior Architecture and Design Course (italian)

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ABPR15Metodologia della progettazioneArchitettura degli interni 110Sofia Toneguttisofia.tonegutti@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR15Metodologia della progettazioneArchitettura degli interni 210Sofia Toneguttisofia.tonegutti@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR15Metodologia della progettazioneArchitettura degli interni 310Cristina Roggericristina.roggeri@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR16Disegno per la progettazioneDisegno tecnico e progettuale4Mauro Malatestamauro.malatesta@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR30Tecnologia dei materialiTipologia dei materiali4Mauro Malatestamauro.malatesta@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABST48Storia delle arti apllicateStoria del design4Sofia Toneguttisofia.tonegutti@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC38Applicazioni digitali per le arti visiveComputer graphic4Mauro Malatestamauro.malatesta@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABAV11DecorazioneDecorazione8Elena Fronteroelena.frontero@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR14Elementi di architettura e urbanisticaElementi di architettura e urbanistica4Cristina Roggericristina.roggeri@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR17DesignDesign 18Alberto Pulinettialberto.pulinetti@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR17DesignDesign 28Mauro Malatestamauro.malatesta@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR17DesignDesign 38Mauro Malatestamauro.malatesta@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR17DesignEcodesign4Guido Gambinguido.gambin@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR18Land designLandscape design4Guido Gambinguido.gambin@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR18Land DesignLight design4Guido Gambinguido.gambin@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR19Graphic designProgettazione grafica6Mauro Malatestamauro.malatesta@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC41Tecniche della modellazione digitaleTecniche di modellazione digitale e computer 3D6Mauro Malatestamauro.malatesta@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR31FotografiaFotografia6Attilio Carnevaleattilio.carnevale@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABAV12Tecniche per la decorazioneTecniche e tecnologie della decorazione6Elena Fronteroelena.frontero@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR21ModellisticaModellistica10Alberto Pulinettialberto.pulinetti@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPVA64Museografia e progettazione degli spazi espositiviProgettazione di allestimenti4Alberto Pulinettialberto.pulinetti@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABST47Stile, storia dell'arte e del costumeStile, storia dell'arte e del costume4Federica Florefederica.flore@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABST49Teoria e storia del restauroMetodologie del restauro4Cristina Roggericristina.roggeri@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABST51Fenomenologia delle arti contemporaneeFenomenologia delle arti contemporanee4Federica Florefederica.flore@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABVPA61Beni culturali e amnbientaliBeni culturali e ambientali4Federica Florefederica.flore@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABLE69Marketing e managementManagement per l'arte4Enrico Molinarienrico.molinari@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC39Tecnologie dell'informaticaFondamenti di Informatica4Mauro Malatestamauro.malatesta@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABLIN71LingueInglese4Anita Colombo
ABPR15Metodologia della progettazioneProgettazione di interventi urbani e territoriali6Guido Gambinguido.gambin@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR19Graphic DesignWeb design6Erika Fornarierika.fornari@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR16Disegno per la progettazioneDisegno e rilievo dei beni culturali4Cristina Roggericristina.roggeri@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABLE70Legislazione ed economia delle arti e dello spettacoloEconomia e mercato dell'arte4Enrico Molinarienrico.molinari@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf