Graphics and Illustrations

The Three-years Academic Diploma in Graphics and Illustrations is the result of the harmonious combination of artistic, decorative, creative skills and technical-information skills, which translate into choice ability, operational autonomy and executive precision, and in the flexibility with which to face each situation with proposals and innovative solutions.

Professional outlets

The professionalism of the graphic designer, which allows him to operate in the world of pluralism of communication languages and images, brings together the talents of the technician and the artist, credited with knowledge and skills relevant to the most diverse sectors, such as publishing, comics, advertising sector, web design, printing techniques, digital video.

The classrooms of the course

Study Plan of Three-Years Academic Diploma in Graphics and Illustrations

The course includes basic training activities: Anatomy of the image, History of drawing and graphic art, History of contemporary art, Drawing for decoration, Phenomenology of the image, Photography, Theory of perception and psychology of the form, Digital photography, for a total of 42 credits.
The characterizing activities carried out in the three years will be divided into: Special graphic techniques, Computer graphics, Digital applications for art, Technology of materials for graphics, Theory and method of mass media, Languages ​​of contemporary art, Illustration and Digital video, for a total of 66 credits.
The study plan also includes integrative (or similar) educational activities: Decoration, Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia Graphics, Art of Comics, Art Direction, Packaging, Techniques and Technologies of Digital Printing, Advertising Communication, for a total of 40 training credits – to which are added the 10 credits of educational activities chosen by the student: Lettering, Design of the fabric, Techniques and technologies of the visual arts, Multimedia installations, Techniques of digital modeling-3D computer, Computer art.
During the three-year period of Graphics and Illustrations, the student will be able to take part in courses of Fundamentals of Computer Science, English Language, seminars, workshops and training internships.

The training credits provided are 180, for a total of 31 exams. For more details on individual subjects, download study plan.
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List of subject and teachers of Graphics and Illustrations Course (italian)

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ABAV11Anatomia artisticaAnatomia dell'immagine6Leslie Lucy Ametoleslieameto@libero.itpdf
ABST47Stile, storia dell'arte e del costumeStoria del disegno e della grafica d'arte4Leslie Lucy Ametoleslieameto@libero.itpdf
ABST47Stile, storia dell'arte e del costumeStoria dell'arte contemporanea4Federica Florefederica.flore@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABAV3DisegnoDisegno per la decorazione6Anna Skoromnayaanna.skoromnaya@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABST46EsteticaFenomenologia dell'immagine6Federica Florefederica.flore@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR31FotografiaFotografia6Attilio Carnevaleattilio.carnevale@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABST58Teoria della percezione e psichologia della formaTeoria della percezione e psicologia della forma4Leslie Lucy Ametoleslieameto@libero.itpdf
ABPR31FotografiaFotografia digitale6Attilio Carnevaleattilio.carnevale@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABAV04Tecniche grafiche specialiTecniche grafiche speciali6Francesca Sampietrofrancesca.sampietro@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC38applicazioni digitali per le arti visivecomputer graphic 110Francesca Sampietrofrancesca.sampietro@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC38applicazioni digitali per le arti visivecomputer graphic 210Francesca Sampietrofrancesca.sampietro@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC38applicazioni digitali per le arti visiveapplicazioni digitali per l'arte4Dario Crudeledario.crudele@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR30Tecnologia dei materialiTecno. dei materiali per la grafica6Mario Delucismario.delucis@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPC65Teoria e metodo dei mass mediaTeoria e metodo dei mass media4Enrico Molinarienrico@enricomolinari.compdf
ABST51Fenomenologia delle arti contemporaneeLinguaggi dell'arte contemporanea4Federica Florefederica.flore@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABAV02tecniche dell'incisioneIllustrazione 18Anna Skoromnayaanna.skoromnaya@gmail.compdf
ABAV02tecniche dell'incisioneIllustrazione 28Anna Skoromnayaanna.skoromnaya@gmail.compdf
ABTEC43Linguaggi e tecniche dell'audiovisivodigital video6Stefano Di Lucastefano.diluca@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABAV11DecorazioneDecorazione6Elena Fronteroelena.frontero@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR19Graphic designProgettazione grafica4
ABPR19Graphic designweb design4Erika Fornarierika.fornari@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR19Graphic designGrafica multimediale4Erika Fornarierika.fornari@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR20Arte del fumettoArte del fumetto4Frederic Volantechupacabrasim@gmail.compdf
ABTEC37Metodologia progettuale della comunicazione visivaArt direction6Francesca Sampietrofrancesca.sampietro@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC37Metodologia progettuale della comunicazione visivaPackaging4Mario Delucismario.delucis@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC38applicazioni digitali per le arti visiveTecniche e tecnologie della stampa digitale4Stefano Di Lucastefano.diluca@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPC67Metodologia e tecnica della comunicazioneComunicazione pubblicitaria4Mario Delucismariodelucis@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABLIN71LingueInglese4Anita Colombo
ABTEC39Tecnologie dell'informaticaFondamenti di Informatica4Francesca Sampietrofrancesca.sampietro@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABPR19Graphic designLettering4Mario Delucismario.delucis@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf
ABTEC38Applicazioni digitali per le arti visiveComputer art6Erika Fornarierika.fornari@accademiabelleartisanremo.itpdf