THE PATH IN SHORT (Common to all courses)


  • knowledge of the disciplines included in the study plan, of their historical evolution, of the communicative languages used over time, of the techniques and the materials;
  • knowledge of the application methodologies and work tools with particular regard to technological, IT and digital ones.


  • acquisition of basic skills to be used in relation to the most widespread operating environments;
  • ability to independently prepare and implement interventions with planning security;
  • ability to express creativity.

During the Academic Year 2021-22 the following training courses are available:

New courses

Awaiting approval:

  • JEWEL DESIGN in collaboration with Turin’s Scuola Orafi. The profile is characterized by the ability to carry out professional activities in autonomous or group form in the artistic, craft or business sector with specific field skills such as Jewelry, Designer, Product Manager, Independent Artist, Goldsmith, Jeweler, Worker of precious or hard stones or costume jewelry.
  • Two years course of INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN, II level course aimed at acquiring the skills necessary for the application of technological tools offered by the contemporaneity for management under the most diverse profiles of visual representation, design and architectural and landscape intervention in both urban and suburban environments and for the use of new multimedia communication technologies, supported by the professional skills acquired during stages, stages and collaborations with the world of work, its dynamics, its rhythms and its critical issues.

Free Courses

These are disciplinary courses open to all and useful for issuing a certificate. You can request free personalized courses even for small groups.

Basic painting
Pictorial techniques
Basic illustration
Web design
Digital photography