Training Model

The attendance of the Academy (University of Art) becomes a choice of profession based on the concept of Applied Art, a choice of life that is within the reach of all those who believe in the possibility of becoming actors of their time, prepared to play a an activity of great human and professional gratification.

During the Academic Year 2020/2021 the following training courses are available:

Three-Years Academic Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design
Three-Years Academic Diploma in Graphics and Design
Three-Years Academic Diploma in Painting

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The three-years academic courses are tailored to the interests of those students who want to learn to design, experiment and implement interventions that – combining technique and art – create innovation in respect of tradition, safeguarding and enhancing the environmental, architectural, cultural and artistic heritage that surrounds us.
The professional profile of each path is the result of a complete prepartion in the knowledge, confident in both technical designing and creative and creative skills, flexible in the ability to create autonomous action spaces in the current context of the world of work.

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