Enrollment and attendance

The courses are accessible to all students with a secondary school diploma. Admission is automatic for those who attended an Artistic High School or an Art Institute, and with proof for those in possession of any other diploma.
The test consists in the execution of a writing exercise relevant to the chosen address, and in a motivational interview which, through the presentation of a portfolio of works, indicates the student’s awareness of the course he intends to follow. The date and useful information for the conduct of the test will be communicated by the secretariat on the homepage of the site.

The application must be sent through this form in the italian website:
Application Form (ITA)

Graduates and Diplomats Registration

Students with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree can register at the Academy with the possible abbreviation of the course or validation of exams by submitting an application. The Academic Council evaluates, on the basis of certificates and study plans presented by the candidate, how many and which exams can be validated.

International Cooperation

The Academy of Fine Arts of Sanremo adheres to the Turandot project of international cooperation. It is committed to contributing to its progressive development by welcoming Chinese students who demonstrate their willingness to study in Italy in the artistic field, as well as possessing both technical and linguistic skills to access first level academic courses.

Enrollment of foreign students residing abroad

The Academy applies the provisions issued by the Ministry of Education relating to the entry, stay and enrollment of foreign students to higher education courses in Italy and each year it publishes a list of the places reserved for each course in order to allow interested parties to submit an application for pre-registration.
The list of reserved places is also published on the website www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri  where you can find  the indications on the requisites both for the enrollment and to obtain the entry visa as well as on the procedures for submitting the application for pre-enrollment prescribed by the Italian diplomatic-consular Representation in the country of origin.

The Academy proposes to foreign students

  • an intensive course of Italian language and culture with an accredited partner, in compliance with the ministerial directives relating to the Turandot Project, and aimed at achieving certification of the acquired level
  • ongoing linguistic assistance during the first year of the academic course (conversation, habit of vocabulary, both daily and technical-professional) held by academy teachers
  • availability of a tutor during the first year attendance to favor the approach to the disciplines that characterize the specialist area
  • a program of didactic-cognitive excursions in the territory adjacent to Sanremo and in the French Côte d’Azur, aimed at a better morphological-geographical, social, cultural, productive and artistic knowledge of the territory.

Extra-EU students enrollment

For the enrollment in the first year the requirements are:

  • a Diploma of upper secondary school or equivalent, recognized by the Italian authorities. The Diploma must be translated and legalized by the Italian Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin, regardless of where it was obtained
  • a Declaration of Value, issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate, certifying that the Diploma obtained is equivalent to the Italian one. In case of doubts regarding the validity of the qualification, the student can make his/her requests to the Italian authorities present in their territory of residence

Documents to be attached

  • photocopy of the passport
  • birth certificate
  • copy of receipt / bank transfer (amount and coordinates available at the Secretariat)


Attendance is governed by the general rules governing the activity of the Fine Arts Academies, which provide for mandatory attendance at lessons of no less than 80% of the total commitment.

Worker Students
For students engaged in adequately documented work activities, the Academy provides a personalized course of study including partial exemptions from attendance and the possibility of agreeing alternative activities with the teachers. To take advantage of these facilities, at the beginning of the academic year the student must present a copy of the work contract attesting to the weekly work commitment at the Secretariat.
In case the commitment is for a fixed term, the student will be required to present, with a four-month deadline, self-certification attesting the permanence or variation of the situation previously communicated. In the case in which the work activity is carried out at bodies that operate in the sector of reference of the address attended, the possibility of obtaining a certain number of credits is envisaged.

Right to study and facilitations

The Academy has an agreement with Aliseo the Agency of the Liguria Region for the work, training and accreditation, which grants benefits and scholarships not only on merit, but also on the basis of ISEU income.

The Academy has also launched a facilitation plan which includes:

  • reduction of 10% on the contribution to the teaching of the first year for those enrolling within the 31st July regardless of the diploma grade
  • scholarship for students who have taken a mark higher than 90/100 and sign up for the first year within the 31st July
  • economic incentives for those carrying out operational internships carried out in agreement with external parties and coordinated by specialist training bodies
  • possibility to participate in high-profile traineeship experiences with a reimbursement of expenses
  • free grant of the license to use computer programs relating to the study address for students regularly enrolled and attending

N.B. pursuant to art. 142 of the Consolidated Law on Higher Education, it is forbidden to register simultaneously with other universities, institutions of higher education, specialization schools, specialization courses, schools for special purposes, under penalty of forfeiture of the registration without the refund of the taxes paid.