The Academy’s strategic objective is to ensure that the passion for art becomes a profession and therefore a work activity: the artist‘s dimension is integrated with that of the independent and flexible professional, competent and creative, prepared on the tradition but absolutely capable of making innovative choices for the future.

The Academy offers young people the opportunity close to home, with low costs and few inconveniences, to undertake studies that concern areas in strong development, such as architecture and interior design, digital and illustrative graphics, decorative painting: sectors in which young people can integrate with their operative energies, with a wealth of interest and certain professional skills, helping to improve and enhance their territory. Students who have achieved the qualification in recent years have a job relevant to their profile.

A permanent goal of the Academy is to create new areas of action in synergy with the actors of the territory, and the training institutions, to propose and/or to participate in the organization of initiatives, events and events that amplify the natural vocations of the locality and strengthen its credentials. An objective that is achieved only if the territory and its institutions, its cultural, professional operators share their spirit and potential, each within their own competencies.

The Academy can produce results expressing values ​​that fall on the territory both in cultural, educational and professional terms and in socio-economic terms, as the students enrolled in addition to transferring into the reality surrounding their intellectual freshness also represent a small economic resource for the cities in which they carry out their university studies. For example, in the last two academic years a dozen Chinese students spend almost 10 months in Sanremo, rented apartments and make purchases as well as expressing their youthful freshness and their mentality, triggering signs of their culture and their model of life in the context company in which they are located.

In recent years, the Academy has achieved small but significant goals: it has been re-accredited, it renewed and expanded its educational offer, it’s awaiting authorization to activate the two-year master course, it carried out orientation actions in schools, it houses secondary school students for internships etc. But in order to think of a legitimate future, development needs an adequate location with more and better calibrated spaces for operational needs. It is in this direction that the synergy with the territory and the institutions could have a decisive impact: many universities, academies and conservatories have established their headquarters in structures made available by the institutions with the most different forms of agreement while enhancing both the structure is the training institution and the city that hosts it.


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